Experience The 72 Hour Cabin - K in the Woods
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Experience The 72 Hour Cabin

The Swedes definitely know how to roam nature. And hopefully, very soon all of us stressed out metropolitans can experience what that means – thanks to the project ‘The 72Hour Cabin’, a brainchild of the Swedish Tourism board. Five “workaholics” are send out to the glass and timber cabins with the mission to not more but enjoying nature. Amazing first-class lake and forest views included. While they are there, their well-being is measured by scientists. With this project, the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm aims to explore the effect of the “unique bond the Swedes have by living in harmony with nature”.

Like most important things in life, nature is for free

Swedes have a unique relationship with nature and spent a big part of their time outside or in their summer houses enjoying the perks of nature and the freedom of doing nothing. So can you! After the project – results announced on the 10th of October 2017 – everybody should have the pleasure to stay in those beautiful cabins and experience the lightness of being.

Photo Credit: Maja Flink
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