A Place to Calm Down in One of the Hottest Locations - K in the Woods
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A Place to Calm Down in One of the Hottest Locations

Once you enter the wooden door of Sparrows Lodge, you immediately feel like you are in a different world in this Palm Springs, CA hideaway. A small paradise completely secluded from the hectic outer world. Sitting in their magical gardens under lemon trees, the only sound you hear is a gentle humming coming from the local hummingbirds. The garden is surrounded with little barn style rooms. This place is so relaxing, that you even have the feeling the temperature has dropped inside from the typical 100+°F (40°C that is) to a much more bearable heat (that may also be thanks to the subtly hidden water sprayers :)). On top of this, they have a great all-day bar and a pool under a large palm tree. What else to say: You definitely do not want to leave this place again.

We found this little gem while road-tripping through California and fell in love with it the very moment we passed the entrance gate. They also start their fireplaces at sunset, which makes the Sparrows Lodge even more cozy and charming. And the open barn style bar becomes a real focal point at night. All the little details and arty but minimal approach (especially in their lounge) make you calm down in a way you didn’t imagine in the middle of Palm Springs.

“One Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away”

Located in just the right distance for “Angelenos” and close to spiritual Joshua Tree national park, The Sparrows Lodge in Palm Springs, CA keeps up with both the spirit and coolness of its weekend escapists. And the Sparrows Lodge tries to nurture you healthy side. Following the old wisdom of “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”, every morning the team puts a fresh apple into a little box with your room number on it. SoI reckon the longer you stay, the healthier you should get. This place is adult-only, which gives you the perfect dose of peace of mind.

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