Hi World. Have a Glimpse into K’s Zurich Home. - K in the Woods
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Hi World. Have a Glimpse into K’s Zurich Home.

We moved to this beautiful open-space apartment two years ago when I moved from my beloved Berlin to my husband’s home base Zurich in Switzerland. We love to travel a lot, but still appreciate a proper home base. It was always important to me to have a cosy living space that inspires me, and where I feel home, can express myself and also be inspired. Having a true “home” almost is a spiritual thing to me: the feeling of security and warmth for me and my family. To have an apartment just to have a roof over my head really isn’t my thing.

“Having a true “home” almost is a spiritual thing to me”

The architect did a good job at mixing modern ideas with some of the original elements from the time the house was built (late 19th century). I especially like the open living and sleeping area with its beams and the modern tub. One can even watch the stars after a nice evening bath here. My hanging plants, mostly succulents, are great and a nice interior inspiration, especially when you travel a lot (or you just don’t have a green thumb, for that matter) so they still exist when you come back home:). I tried to keep the contrasts of the architectural layout also in our interior design, mixing different materials and styles in a “minimal” way. We wanted to keep the very open feeling, so that there literally is “room to breath”.

Our love for travelling the world and my passion for “the woods” is reflected in many elements of our home. Part of “the woods” is our love for animals. We have the “wildlife” everywhere in our apartment, from photos to sculptures, and even a roommate called Reynard (a mounted fox). We obviously follow this theme with the series of animal cub pictures in our daughter’s room. Not to mention the endless collection of travel and outdoor books, that we use for inspiration:)

More to follow in a later post (such as a photo of Reynard). If you are interested in more details the interior ideas in this post, please let me know.

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