Bedroom Bliss. Come Over and Stay - K in the Woods
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Bedroom Bliss. Come Over and Stay

“Having a true “home” almost is a spiritual thing to me”

The architect did a good job at mixing modern ideas with some of the original elements from the time the house was built (late 19th century). I especially like the open living and sleeping area with its beams and the modern tub. One can even watch the stars after a nice evening bath here.

My hanging plants, mostly succulents, are great and a nice interior inspiration, especially when you travel a lot (or you just don’t have a green thumb, for that matter) so they still exist when you come back home:). I tried to keep the contrasts of the architectural layout also in our interior design, mixing different materials and styles in a “minimal” way. We wanted to keep the very open feeling, so that there literally is “room to breath”.

Have a deeper inside in my first story about my home!

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