A Swiss Gem Surrounded by Beautiful Woods - K in the Woods
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A Swiss Gem Surrounded by Beautiful Woods

Living in Switzerland means living surrounded by amazing nature! On one hand, you have all the little (and large) lakes and endless hiking options in summer, on the other hand you can go skiing in the mountains (almost everywhere nearby) in winter.

Crystal clear Water paired with Beautiful Woods

Sometimes the landscapes views are so unbelievably beautiful that you have to pinch yourself to believe that a lot of this is less than an hour from home. The lakes are so crystal clear that you really can’t resist to jump in. Lake Cresta (in German: Crestasee) is only one of those beauties, and can be found (together with a couple of other little mountain lakes) in the region of Flims. In summer, it’s a perfect destination for family hikes in the woods and a jump in the cool, while in the winter this is all covered in deep white snow.

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